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“Fotoline Studio” has always been a family run business. It was originally established in the early 60’s under the name of “Rose Photo Studio”. The name “Fotoline” came about in 1975, when the business passed into the hands of the nephew of the original founder. When, in 2001 the business changed hands once more to its present owner and joined two other retail outlets in Cospicua and Rabat, it was decided to maintain the name “Fotoline”. 


The owner of Fotoline “The Studio” started out in photography at an early age. Always being a photographic enthusiast he bought his first professional camera at the age of 17. He started out by shooting small functions such as Holy Communion parties, etc. on a part-time basis, for a then well renowned photographer. He was also a pioneer in under-water photography in Malta and his participation in various competitions, both in Malta and abroad, won him a number of these competitions. On the 22nd February 1989 he established himself as a wholesaler of photographic equipment, albums and accessories whilst nurturing his enthusiasm for underwater photography and portraiture photography. In 1992, he opened his first retail outlet in the south of Malta and in 1999 the second retail outlet was opened in the North of Malta. In the meantime, in 1996 the wholesale trade was further strengthened by going into the importation of a well-renowned brand of Italian hand-made leather wedding albums as well as silver plated, brass and wooden frames, amateur albums, etc. This side of the business changed its legal status to a Limited Liability Company in 2002. Another opportunity in the retail sector came in 2001 when he acquired Fotoline Studio in Zabbar. For the past seven years, together with a dedicated team of employees, he has widened the number of services offered from the various retail outlets, especially when it comes to digital photography. It was due to this increase in the number of services offered that the need was felt for another outlet dedicated solely to the provision of a professional photographic service in a welcoming atmosphere for such events as weddings, engagements, etc. as well as, a state of the art Studio. And the idea of “Fotoline – The Studio” was born!

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