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About Us

Our law firm was the first to operate in Malta as an association of lawyers established by the four founding partners, Dr. Giuseppe Maria Camilleri LL.D, Dr. Riccardo Farrugia LL.D, Dr. Giuseppe Giovanni Gatt LL.D and Dr. Benny Delia LL.D. The law firm was founded in 1958.


In 1960 Dr. Giuseppe Giovanni Gatt and Dr. Riccardo Farrugia left the said firm and formed their own law firm under the name “Farrugia & Gatt” with Offices in Zachary Street, Valletta. In 1967, Dr Vincent Falzon joined this law firm and the name of the firm was changed to its present name of  “Farrugia, Gatt & Falzon (Advocates)”


Meanwhile the firm moved to larger offices situated at ‘Regency House, Republic Street, Valletta’, from where it is still operating to date.


Dr. Riccardo Farrugia joined the judiciary in 1972 and in 1973 the firm lost its highly esteemed senior partner Dr.Giuseppe Giovanni Gatt who passed away suddenly on the 28th of November 1973. Following these two losses, Dr. Giovanni Bonello was welcomed as a new partner. Dr Bonello left the firm in 1997 to serve as one of the Judges of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Various other lawyers have since joined and left the firm to serve as magistrates or judges including Dr. Ronnie Conti who subsequently served as a Magistrate; Dr. Gino Camilleri who subsequently also served as a Magistrate and then a Judge; Dr. Giovanni Griscti now a member of the judiciary and Dr. Doreen Clarke and Dr Astrid May Falzon now both serving as Magistrates.


Farrugia,Gatt and Falzon Advocates has also had the privilege to welcome from time to time within the firm the following lawyers, Dr. Harry Vassallo (now retired), the late Dr. Robert Staines, Dr. Pio Valletta (one of the present partners), Dr. Stefan Meilak (one of the present partners), Dr. Joseph P. Bonnici (one of the present partners), Dr. Errol Cutajar (one of the present partners), Dr Janice Chetcuti (an associate within the firm) and former minister Dr Austin Gatt.


Dr Vincent Falzon retired from the firm in December 2017.

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